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Chuck Edwards is a Mastercraftsman, who builds Longrifles that look as if they were produced by the hand of an 18th Century Master Gunsmith.
Chuck was born in 1961 and grew up near the small town of Bloomfield, Missouri. His shop is in one half of an original 1830 dogtrot log cabin that he dismantled, moved, and reconstructed on his own land.

He has been building longrifles and pistols since 1987 and became a full-time builder in September of 2001. He was featured in the November/December 1999 and January/February 2001 issues of Muzzleloader magazine.

My God My Life Hath Much Befriended - I'll Praise Him Til My Days Are Ended
~ Carved by Squire Boone on the foundation stones at his mill in Corydon, Indiana ~

Being an avid hunter and shooter himself, Chuck constructs longrifles, that in the right hands will offer top notch marksmanship and exceptional game harvesting capabilities. Chuck's guns have a certain honesty about them. They suggest a soul of their own and just yearn to be carried.
His specialty is early Virginia and Southern rifles with hand forged iron mounts. They are not only exceptional works of art, but will perform as flawless, well-tuned tools.