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Each of my rifles is hand made in my shop - this includes all the parts, except for the lock, barrel, bolts, and screws. Each gun I make is numbered and signed on the top flat.

Barrels:  I use barrels from the top barrel makers on all my guns. Please call or e-mail to discuss barrel availability.

Each rifle has a coned muzzle for easy loading, .40 caliber and up. Smooth bores will require an extra charge for coning the muzzle. 

Locks: I will use any good quality made lock on the market, so long as the style matches the gun being built. You may order the lock through any lock maker and have it shipped directly to me, or if you already have one, you may send it to me. Whichever you go with, I will disassemble and tune each and every piece of the lock, unless what you are sending is not what I consider good quality.

Furniture: I will either hand forge the mounts or use sand cast brass. We can discuss what you desire, or what is most appropriate for your particular gun, and decide from there. All small parts, such as sights and triggers, are hand forged by me. If "double-set" triggers are desired, I will use Davis.  

Stocks: I use mainly hard maple and some walnut for my stocks. I start with a block of wood, then saw out my blank and inlet parts and finish the gun using hand tools. When you contact me to discuss the gun particulars we can then talk about what type of wood would be most appropriate for the style of your gun.

I hand scrape all the stocks and do not use sandpaper. I only stain with nitrate of iron - this stain is documented to use by American colonial gunmakers in the 18th and 19th centuries. I believe this is the best stain for curly maple to give the antiqued look.

Finish: I use a hand rubbed oil finish.  Each rifle gets at least 4 to 6 coats rubbed in. By hand scraping the stocks, applying the nitrate of iron stain, and then a hand rubbed oil finish, I can achieve a finish just like the originals.

I also offer two styles of wiping sticks (ram rods). A standard rod fluted at the end, and a fully tapered wiping stick.  All wiping sticks are hand crafted in the shop.

After completion, to make sure everything is in good working order and functioning correctly, the rifle is test fired and lightly sighted in for the customer.

The places I show rifles are at the CLA show, Mansker's Station, Ft. De Chartres Trade Fair and Rifle Frolic, and starting soon at Martin's Station. 

I require a non-refundable $500 deposit for the order to be put in the books. 

Due to the laws and regulations of the ATF, the customer must obtain his/her own barrel and lock.

To obtain prices, please call or e-mail to discuss what you'd like to have built. 

Some Firearm Options Available:
Barn Gun
Plain Rifle/Smoothbore
Plain Rifle/Smoothbore with little carving
A Real Jim Dandy w/ all the P's and Q's
Please call for pistol quotes.